cou·ra·geous /kəˈrājəsadjective: not deterred by danger or pain; brave.

hus·tler /ˈhəslərnoun: an aggressively enterprising person; a go-getter. 

A Courageous Hustler is the embodiment of being fearless and unstoppable. In this community, we truly believe that all the struggle and pain endured in the past has been presented to help us acquire courage so that we don’t fear and block our future success.

Each episode, former high-school dropout & teen mom Sandra Ocasio, shares with you her wisdom, knowledge, and experience from the past 20 years that have helped her create the path to Entrepreneurship. With her circle of influence, Business Coaches, Speakers, & Authors they strive to deliver all their lessons learned. 


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Sandra Ocasio

Sandra Ocasio

Podcast Host | Chief Courageous Hustler

Your host Sandra Ocasio is Digital Marketing Strategist who built her own Online Business after moving from Las Vegas, NV to Navarre, FL in early 2016.

She spent 12 years in Corporate America, where she used her skills as a Payroll Professional and HR Administrator to support corporations such as Caesars Entertainment, VIAD, AON Hewitt & Onward Healthcare.

She resigned from her latest position at Caesars after her husband an US Air Force Member received orders to Hurlburt Field, FL.

Shortly after arriving in the local area, Sandra quickly realized that she was going to have to think outside the box if she wanted to find a new position that would match her previous one. She decides to take all her skill sets and training and start her own path.

4 Years later she has now successfully supported hundreds of Online Coaches with 6-Figure Digital Launches.

She has been recognized and mentioned in a few books such as “How To Hire The Right Virtual Assistant” by Melissa Smith, The PVA and “Product Roadmap Relaunched” published by O’Reilly Media. 


“I am not here to tell you how it’s done, I am just here to share my story!” -Sandra 


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